The re-SKU mask

Face the sunshine, 
shadows behind.


The environmental cost of a mask.

This mask is made from 100% unworn, rescued cutaway fabric from denim manufacturers. This never-used material would have gone straight to landfill or incineration. At re-SKU, we rescue deadstock materials and donate 100% of our profit to making a better system. By choosing a re-SKU’d mask instead of buying new, you are saving:

3 kg

carbon & greenhouse gas

448 l

liters of water

7 kw

Non-renewable energy

Environmental impact data on denim are sourced from Levi Strauss & Co’s 2019 Sustainability Review and 2015 Lifecycle of a Jean assessment (LCA).

wear the change

re-SKU a mask, rescue earth.

Because you save 3 kg of carbon & greenhouse gas emissions, 448 Liters of water, and 7 Kilowatt Hours of non-renewable energy per mask.

Buy better

Buy re-SKU

Because 100% of profits from your purchase goes to creating more sustainable products. Learn more