Covid-19 has changed the world forever. Factories suddenly ground to a halt. Fashion retailers who placed orders refused their merchandise, much of which continues to sit in warehouses going to waste.

But this isn’t just a Covid-19 problem. Last year, around 50 billion garments were produced but never sold. These unworn garments are called dead-stock, and up to 73% of dead-stock items go straight to landfill or are incinerated.

Covid-19 has simply exposed both the problem and the solution. We can see the enormity of overproduction in the apparel industry, but we also have a glimpse into what the world would look like without new production. Since February, air pollution is at record lows across manufacturing centers such as China and Italy. We now know that we are capable of making a real impact if we stop overproducing garments.

Covid-19 will not be here forever. Our climate crisis however is reaching a point of no return. Climate change will dramatically affect the planet for the rest of our lives if we don’t take action now. 

When the world returns to normal, let’s make the new normal on our terms. The world has produced enough clothes to last us many years. Let’s re-SKU what we already have, and let’s rescue the planet.