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At re-SKU, we leverage data and environmental science to turn good stewardship into a win-win for companies and the fight against Climate Change.
Most companies can’t collect the Climate Facts about their own products-- they aren’t able to measure how much water is used or how much carbon is emitted outside of their own facilities. This comprehensive Scope 3 Analysis is a big deal because the environmental impact of a company’s supply chains is typically multiples larger than its internal operations.
The carbon (CO2e) & water (H2O) footprint of every component and activity associated with a product is individually measured to help provide Scope 3 Analysis.

re-SKU’s Sustainability as a Service software provides actionable, custom-tailored and highly accurate water and carbon footprints across entire supply chains. This service supports production efficiency, energy and water cost savings, sustainability goals, protection against greenwashing litigation, credible third-party environmental reporting for stakeholders and customers, and compliance with current and future environmental regulations.

We add heart to everything that we touch. We help companies make products with less waste and share real Climate Facts with people who care about the things they buy.

re-SKU is currently seeking partnerships that help corporations improve their efficiency, make credible sustainability claims, and join in the fight against global warming and water scarcity. In addition to validated, state-of-the-science data for organizational sustainability goals or for their reporting and marketing needs, partners and corporations would have complete privacy, clarity and confidence in the findings of the analysis.

re-SKU is also seeking mission-aligned impact investors who want to help introduce brands around the world to the significant business opportunities available with becoming a truly sustainable brand.

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