About Us

We are designers, scientists, innovators and environmentalists in the fight to protect our world from climate change. We don’t see re-SKU as a company with a mission-- we see it as a mission with a company. 

We add heart to everything that we rescue, literally. The heart is a scannable QR code that communicates each garment’s climate change impacts-- just like a nutrition label does on a box of Wheaties. We can make a difference, one SKU at a time. When it comes to what we wear, our purchasing decisions are the most powerful force we have to demand change, and when we are informed, we can make better choices. We aim to transform the way brands make things and turn good stewardship into a win-win for all.



We love iconic brands and symbiotic partnerships. Email us: partners@re-SKU.com Interested in working with us? Email us: jobs@re-SKU.com